Notícias da fec

Por Lucas Eduardo Araújo Silva
Em 1 de September de 2020


Here at the Cristalino Ecological Foundation (FEC) we are delighted to announce yet another promising partnership. We are pleased to present the work of Luigi Di Mauro, who is going to be helping us in our projects.

Canvas: “Protegendo das queimadas”

Luigi Di Mauro is a Brazilian artist and graphic designer. He produces figurative and abstract works, usually on canvas, where the colors dominate the visual image. In his figurative work, he turns to simplicity in the lines used to portray contemporary behavior and environmental preservation efforts; while in his abstracts, he seeks to express connections between the colors and organic forms.

With a growing international reputation, Luigi began to focus on showcasing the importance of the environment, producing works on the subject of preserving nature, particularly in the Amazon forest. In his efforts to assist preservation and conservation activities, and noting the seriousness of the projects developed by the FEC, he opted for us to receive part of the sale value of his works.

So, now you can collaborate with our projects (know our projects) when purchasing one of the beautiful works of art by Luigi Di Mauro. Participate by accessing this web page (click to know Luigi’s art).