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Conservation Allies has been channeling donations to FEC projects since 2022
Por Lucas Eduardo Araújo Silva
Em 22 de agosto de 2023

The Cristalino Ecological Foundation (FEC), situated in the southern region of the Brazilian Amazon, is an environmental institution that is allied with Conservation Allies, a valuable partner when looking for individual supporters like you to finance our work.

When making a donation through Conservation Allies, you are helping to protect the Amazon forest, in one of the areas that is most affected by deforestation and the threatened extinction of entire species of fauna and flora.

Gavião-real (Harpia harpyja) Rafael Ferraz

The FEC develops projects for managing protected areas and conducting monitoring and scientific studies of the flora, fauna and fungi of the Amazon biome, as well as public policies and environmental education.

Projeto “Um Dia na Floresta”, realizado há 15 anos na região de Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso

The local population is essential to ensuring the protection of the Amazon. That is why the FEC has developed the Amazon School Program, disseminating numerous environmental education projects among schools in Alta Floresta and the surrounding region and thereby preparing the future generations to survive and live in harmony with the natural resources of the Amazon.

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What is Conservation Allies?

It is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to provide support for incredible organizations around the world that are dedicated to conservation. With the assistance of donors, these organizations can continue to protect and safeguard the world’s biodiversity.

Conservation Allies works with a variety of partners around the world, from institutions to sustainable businesses, to develop educational and awareness building campaigns.

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